We specialise in automotive engineering, dyno testing, vehicle diagnostics, fuel injection services, service exchange units such as engines, pumps, injectors and cylinderheads.


Avoid costly downtime and get your vehicle up and running in no time by taking advantage of our large number of exchange engines, injector pumps, injectors and cylinderheads.


Machine Truck & Car has been sucessfully involved in the rebuilding of heavy duty engines for the last 34 years. We have a highly skilled and extremely knowledgable staff boasting many years of experience.


We offer our clients a wide range of services when it comes to major engine repairs and engineering services. With most of our work done in house we are able to offer a quick and efficient turn around time.


Located in Alrode South, Alberton, we offer daily deliveries and collections to the greater Johannesburg area.


We have recently upgraded our diesel pump center as well as our dyno room keeping us up to date with the recent technological advances in modern diesel engines.